Exploring natural history one itsy bitsy spider at a time...

Exploring natural history one itsy bitsy spider at a time...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Herp Atlas!

Greetings fellow reptile and amphibian enthusiasts!!!

If you haven't discovered the online Pennsylvania Herpetological Atlas yet, here it is!!!
You can learn all about reptile and amphibian species in PA that are currently deemed "species of concern". The atlas is looking for amateur herpetologists like you to send them photos and gps coordinates where they find these 14 amphibian species and 22 reptile species. These aren't obscure animals you will never see, they're previously common animals like the box turtle and four-toed salamander. Once you submit a finding to the atlas, you can watch for a dot on the PA map showing your finding. If enough people participate, the online herpetological atlas will be able to give us an up-to-date idea of how our PA herps are doing. YAY! Enjoy browsing the great herp links, photo gallery, and distribution maps on the PA herp atlas!

Happy Herping Pennsylvanians!

Falcon Cam

Check out the falcon cam, www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/falcon! Watch the peregrine falcons sitting on their five eggs! They sit 14 stories high on the Rachel Carson Building in the middle of Harrisburg. Peregrine falcons are currently endangered in PA. The Department of Environmental Protection among other agencies have been working to bring their numbers back. There are currently around 20 active nest sites in PA we know of! Most of them located on bridges or buildings.

Peregrine Falcons primarily eat birds, making easy meals of pigeons and starlings in cities. They are excellent hunters speeding up to 200mph to catch their prey.

Keep an eye on the falcon cam for the hatching chicks (eyasses)!