Exploring natural history one itsy bitsy spider at a time...

Exploring natural history one itsy bitsy spider at a time...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Life is good.

I'm taking a moment to appreciate life right now. It's winter and it's freezing and I hate the cold, but the birds are at the feeders and the wind is making the trees dance, and the mistletoe is growing across the creek on the tops of the bare trees, and I can see ruddy ducks in the scope, and I watched two deer swim across the the creek, and everything is awesome. Chickadees are checking me out suspiciously and twelve goldfinches discovered my thistle feeders today. Wow! Despite the bitterness and dreary skies I still see beauty all around. I am so lucky.

I just got my first real job. Mixed feelings! Relief. The craziness of responsibility. No more internships, no more discovering new places with a few months here and a few months there. Commitment. Obligation. BUT. The job is pretty awesome... pretty darn close to my dream job. I get to teach middle school and high school environmental education programs, and run a nature themed summer camp at a really awesome place. I am still in shock that my life is taking this turn, much sooner than expected. It goes to show you never really know what is going to happen, despite all of my obsessive planning. I hadn't predicted this. And I feel so darn lucky and excited about it. I get to stay active with the local bird club I've been fond of since the first time we met. Hopefully I will find niches to fill in this community, people to marvel over life with, and feel cozy in this new place.

Life is good. Change is good. Change keeps you alert and alive and filled with ideas and excitement. Yay for ideas and ambitions. Life is good.

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