Exploring natural history one itsy bitsy spider at a time...

Exploring natural history one itsy bitsy spider at a time...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Carbon Conscious!

I explored c3.newdream.org today! The Carbon Conscious Consumer campaign sounds pretty great! It challenges folks to gain "climate-friendly" daily habits in a fun and unique way: by taking a pledge to do something that cuts our impact on climate change each month. I am looking forward to seeing what the pledge is for next month! (Hey! That's one of the internet marketing techniques I just learned about: have new and interesting content updates to keep consumers coming back for more! Nice job C3.)

I signed their pledge to do laundry in cold water this month... and then... I got a little dot on the map of the U.S. representing myself and the tiny impact I'm making among the others that have pledged. It's actually a pretty neat image.

I also reviewed the past challenges- they were all pretty easy to do and a great way to introduce new habits to average people. C3 pledges learned to buy one pound of local food a week in July, go one day a week without driving in August, use online forms to eliminate junk mail in September, and use reusable water bottles in October. Wow, all awesome suggestions. What a fantastic campaign. Check out the website for yourself and get involved!

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